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What is postgraduate study and why enroll in it?
The studies at the university are coming to an end, but many students still decide to stay at the university and go to graduate school. Most of their fellow students honestly don't understand this step. After all, postgraduate studies are just a way to extend student years, while the pay here is several times lower than in the usual job. But is it? Is postgraduate study really a waste of time, and is it better to start looking for a job right after university? All this will be told in an article from the experts of Essay Assistant.

What are the benefits of postgraduate studies?

There is an opinion among students that only those who want to stay to teach at the university need to go to graduate school. But this point of view is erroneous. In reality, graduate school offers many benefits to those who graduate. Among them:

The opportunity to do science. The activity of a scientist can be called creative to some extent, because a person is free to choose the object of research that interests him. The main thing here is to get a grant, these funds will be used to conduct experiments and experiments.
Opportunity to continue learning. For many, entering a university is a forced necessity, because not every teenager knows who he wants to become in the future. But studying in graduate school is a deliberate step, so at this stage a person approaches this process with great diligence.
Opportunity to become a candidate of sciences. After receiving a degree, a specialist becomes more in demand in his field of activity, therefore he has a higher fee, his scientific work is widely appreciated among colleagues. And after defending the candidate's thesis, you can write a dissertation and become a doctor of sciences.

Disadvantages of graduate school

But do not forget that admission to graduate school has more than advantages. There are also disadvantages here, which can be a decisive factor for some students.

The first thing to remember when applying for graduate school is that you will have to spend a fairly long period of time on training. This stage consists not only of education itself, but also of writing a Ph.D. thesis. Such work is several times more voluminous than term papers and diplomas, which had to be drawn up at earlier stages of study at the university. And those who nevertheless decide to go to graduate school spend all their time reading literature in the library, conducting scientific experiments and research. In addition, to obtain a diploma, it is necessary not only to successfully defend a thesis, but also to pass candidate exams.

In addition, it must be remembered that graduate school includes not only training, but also teaching to students. Such work can be overwhelming, especially for individuals who have chosen technical specialties. The reason for this is that earlier their studies consisted of laboratory work, where they practically did not have to interact with each other in any way, and now they will need to conduct lectures and a seminar lasting an hour and a half. Such a heavy load can be detrimental to health. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to somehow reduce the load, for example, to give a report on the book to someone else, then it is better to Apply now this opportunity.

Terms of study for graduate school

But if the aforementioned disadvantages are not scary, it is worth moving on to the question of how much you will have to study in graduate school. According to the legislation, the terms are as follows:

Full-time postgraduate study - 3 years;
Extramural postgraduate study - 4 years.
Some young people go to graduate school because they want to get a reprieve from the army. Such young men should give their preference in favor of full-time education. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a reprieve.

But for the rest, full-time education is almost the same as part-time. In both cases, the graduate student will have to attend classes and conduct research. The only difference between the two is the number of years it will take to write a thesis. Many who have already defended their thesis say that it is almost impossible to combine such activities with work. Therefore, in order to be sure of the quality of the written dissertation, it will be necessary to give up work for at least 1 year. In addition, it is important to note that only part-time education is officially allowed to combine study with work, full-time does not provide such an opportunity.

How to apply for graduate school?

After the student has understood that he wants to go to graduate school, he must choose a supervisor. It depends on this teacher how successful it will be to defend the candidate's dissertation. Therefore, you need to choose not the leader who sympathizes with the student, but the one who is respected by colleagues. In this case, you should pay attention to its load. After all, if a teacher regularly conducts lectures and seminars, then he will not have time that he could devote to a graduate student, help him in conducting research and writing a paper.

After the supervisor has been selected, you need to collect the appropriate package of documents, it is presented on the university website.

The next stage of admission to graduate school is the passing of entrance exams. The candidate is required to write papers in philosophy, English and the chosen specialty.

How is postgraduate study going?

Postgraduate studies are in many ways analogous to undergraduate or graduate programs. The student also needs to regularly attend lectures and seminars. The only difference is that the main work needs to be written not in one year, but over several years. At the same time, it is required to periodically report to your supervisor on the research carried out and the chapters written.

In addition, during your postgraduate studies, you need to publish several scientific articles and undergo practical training (teaching at the university).

However, many graduate students need free time. Therefore, they often leave their voice recorders at lectures, while they themselves go about their business. And then they notice that the recorder recorded some passages badly and it is difficult to understand the meaning of the lecture. It's good that you can always order a text transcription service .

Well, we hope we have explained in detail what graduate school is and how to enter it and how to study there.

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