Ultimate Guide to Autumn Photography

Autumn colours, light and landscapes are all you need to develop your imagination, bring out your most creative side and make different pictures, while making the most of the autumn atmosphere.

Find singular trees for creative ideas for photographing autumn

Once you have photographed landscapes from a wide angle, you can look for a singular tree in an autumnal environment and photograph it alone. Experiment with different frames, perspectives and viewpoints.

Combine storybook lamps with autumn colours for warm portraits

Old-fashioned children’s lamps are used for night-time photos to create brighter portraits. You can also use them for autumn portraits, adding a dreamy, old-fashioned touch to the image. With this type of lighting, you can also create a background bokeh and make your portraits more interesting. Your model can hold the lamp directly in front of you to get a sparkle in the eyes. For best results, you can use a type of light that complements the yellow, orange and red colours of autumn.

Use background light for creative ideas for photographing autumn

One way to enhance the colours of autumn is to look for light behind the tree leaves. It will also enhance the repeated shapes of the leaves and thus attract more attention from the viewer. You can also use this type of light for a portrait, to produce a background halo on the model. 

Create time-lapses as creative ideas for photographing autumn

Time-lapse is a way of showing the passage of time. This can be expressed in seconds, minutes, hours or even whole days. The leaves on the trees do not change from green to yellow immediately, but you can reflect this transition and passage of time with the vegetation on a tree near you, for example, or on a larger landscape that changes from the green of summer to the yellows, oranges and reds of autumn.

Find new views and more original perspectives

Another way to innovate, not only in autumn photography but in all photo disciplines, is to find new points of view, new perspectives. It is well known that trees have incredible colours at this time of year, so why not look up and immortalise them from a low angle while lying on the ground? Check more on www.dzofilm.com.

Creative ideas for photographing autumn include painting leaves

A good way to give your autumn photos a different and more fun touch is to paint leaves that have already fallen. You can enhance the colours if they are boring, using totally different tones for more surreal effects. You can use the leaves as a main element, as a background or just as a decorative element. These creative photos can be combined very well with family or children’s photos.