Why Should Aspirants Sit For UPSC Mock Tests?

Unlike other competitive exams, the UPSC exam is more challenging than others. To clear the IAS exam, only understanding it is not enough. There lies a lot of other factors that students need to consider to crack the UPSC exam. The IAS aspirants need to be acquainted with different kinds of question that comes in the UPSC exam. The students need to know how to avoid negative marking and increase the possibility of getting marked positively. One of the ways by which candidates can prepare themselves better is by appearing for mock tests and essay test series.

Reasons to apply for mock tests

Given below are a few reasons for which candidates should appear for the mock test series are as follows:

  1. Practicing helps to achieve perfection

Throughout our entire childhood, we have heard our elders and teachers repeat this maxim again and again: ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ This stands true in all walks of life. Be it academics or your professional life, the more you practice, the better you get. The UPSC exam is not just like any other board exam where you can mug up chapters and then answer the questions as asked. The syllabus of UPSC is vast and covers a lot of areas. The topics covered in UPSC have varied practical applications as well. Besides the subjects you need to study, there are reasoning and mathematics that demand the regular practice of the candidates.

  • Top score better

The objective behind sitting for these mock test series is to score better. The more marks you score in the UPSC exam, the better ranking will you get, and the better post will you secure as an IAS officer. As you all know, lakhs and lakhs of candidates sit for the IAS exam. Hence, you are sure to face tough competition. Since the number of candidates is vast, your score would be added to your cut-off percentage. Therefore, there will be a high chance for you to make it to the personal interview round.

  • A new approach to learning

As has already been mentioned, the scope of the UPSC exam is vast and varied. There is no set pattern that you can follow to crack the UPSC exam. A student can’t know everything under the sun. Instead, students should get rid of the idea that the UPSC exam demands candidates to know everything about this world. What UPSC examiners look for is whether the candidates have clarity about the concepts. When studying for UPSC, try to connect one topic with another. Further, the concepts that you read make sure you can apply them in practical life.

  • A better understanding of the exam pattern and trends

The most significant cause of appearing for these mock tests isto get a taste of the actual UPSC examination. These mock tests allow you to prepare as much as you want theoretically. However, with these mock tests, you can have an idea as to prepare practically as well. Applying the theoretical knowledge that you have gained while studying should be used practically as well. Besides, it is vital to take note of the changing patterns of the exam. The papers of these mock tests are prepared in a way that replicates the original UPSC exam. Hence, in a way, it can be said that mock tests prepare you for the better.

  • Best ways to self-evaluation

To ace the UPSC exam, it is imperative to check how prepared you are. This checking is known as self-evaluation. For example, when you solve a question paper, you do not see how many answers are correct. This evaluation is critical, especially for the UPSC mains, as explanatory answers need to be corrected. Once the answers are corrected, you know which areas you need to put more effort into.

  • Confidence booster

Last but not least, mock tests boost up your confidence. As soon as you can answer correctly in a mock test or notice a positive development in the mock test performances, your confidence level is automatically boosted.


Now that you know the importance of mock tests, you will surely want to appear in some of them. The more you appear for mock tests, the better will you perform in the final UPSC exam.