How can I get in touch with WestJet?

WestJet is a Canadian airline, which was founded in 1994. It is one of the best low-cost airlines in terms of its providing in-flight and airport services. The airline also has a large customer support team to solve your issue and queries. If you are wondering how can I get in touch with WestJet? The information below is here to educate and update you.

Several ways to contact the WestJet customer support team

WestJet provides various sources through which you can connect with WestJet. To access all of those, go to the official website of WestJet. Locate the contact us link at the bottom right and click on it. Once you land on the customer support page, you can access any of the options below.

Live chat: The airline also provides live chat support to assist its customers. Go to the live chat option on the customer support page to start chatting. You can log in if you have your account; otherwise, you can continue as a guest.

Westjet Customer care number: You can call the live person of WestJet to get any immediate help and support. The customer support teams at WestJet are brilliant and diligent in solving your query. To get the WestJet phone number, you can visit its give us a call section.

Email service: If you have to share any document for complaint purposes, or you want to share your feedback, etc. Send the email to WestJet using its official email address available online.

Social Media: It’s another popular platform these days. If you have any issues, you can also stay connected with WestJet using its social media platforms.

Mailing Address: Most of the time, you need to send any hardcopy to the airline, whether it is for complaint purposes or others. In that case, you can always send mail to WestJet using its postal address available online.

The WestJet airline provides 24/7 hours of assistance through its various modes of communication.