Everything You Need To Know About Southwest Companion Pass

In case you haven’t heard of this Southwest Companion Pass, you will be educated about the best travel bargain in the airline industry. It’s the very best travel bargain ever to be observed in the airline industry. If made, a Southwest Companion Pass permits one to fly using a free companion on each flight you choose for up to two years (on cash-paid or points flights). Achieving Southwest Companion Pass standing is carried out by earning 110,000 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points in 1 calendar year.

While this may seem impossible for your normal traveler, it is not. My spouse and I’ve done it on three different occasions. Earning the 110,000 Southwest points doesn’t need to be carried out solely via flying. In reality, it could be accomplished with no flying, just a single flight. The points may also be earned via the Chase Rapid Rewards charge cards. This implies that both the charge card introductory bonuses and the cash spent on cards will make points towards the Southwest Companion Pass!

What’s the Southwest Companion Pass?

When you make a Southwest Companion Pass, you are essentially getting standing that grants you and your company boundless (BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE) flights to the two the year you get it and the following calendar year. Yes, you heard that right. If made in January 2019, you would have it for a lot of 2019 and 2020! The free companion tickets are valid on both paid flights and benefit flights. That means those 110,000 points that you earned are worth doublecheck. They are worth 220,000 points should you consistently take your company together for free. The single thing to state is all about this bargain is W.O.W.! It will not get much better than that. In case you choose to travel a great deal on Southwest at the same time you’ve got the company pass, you also can save tens of thousands upon thousands of bucks.

I nearly forgot to say that Southwest has increased its flight paths over a previous couple of decades. They fly to more destinations than simply the U.S.A. They fly into Mexico, Central America, and even the Caribbean. Moreover, they intend to begin flights to Hawaii in late 2018 or ancient 2019. I am guessing you are starting to know why this is my favorite bargain in the airline industry. Southwest does not fly globally, but for those looking to travel within the U.S.A. and our neighboring southern nations, it is an amazing thing. Who does not love a fantastic thing? Visit Southwest Wanna Get Away Fares and also get extra offers on vacation packages to Worldwide.

Who’s the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Appropriate For?

While Southwest does not have first-class, they lack a sizable international course map. They do not have seat choice; they compensate for it with their exceptional customer service and versatility. All Southwest flights could be rescheduled around ten minutes before the flight period for no charge. It is also possible to check your luggage for no cost. It’s an airline that attempts to make its clients contented, and it shows. That isn’t easy to say about other airlines nowadays.

Many people today dislike Southwest’s seating process, but if you understand how it works and is at the top of checking in just 24 hours before your flight, it works out fairly nicely. I just set an alert 24 hours, 5 minutes before my departure time. When my alarm goes off, I start the Southwest program on my telephone and check-in once the time strikes. This ensures you’ll get in the B or A boarding group and probably ensures you will have a chair with your flight partners. I’ve not ever missed out on getting a chair beside the person I had been flying by using this check-in process.

The Way to Get Southwest Companion Pass: The Hard Way or The Easy Way

To make a Southwest Companion Pass, you must earn 110,000 qualifying points or fly 100 qualifying one-way flights every year. While, for many individuals, taking 100 flights is from the query in a single calendar year, it’s likely to make 110,000 points. It is possible as a result of various alternatives available to get qualifying points. Qualifying points include points made via earnings flights on Southwest, charge card points (including credit card introductory offers), and points gained via Southwest partners. Issues that don’t qualify are bought points; points moved from other members (even household ), points converted from other loyalty programs (the likes of Chase Ultimate Rewards), e-rewards, e-miles, Valued Opinions, Diners Club, points made from program registration, tier incentive points, airport incentive points along with spouse bonus points.