Things to explore about languages in Ukraine

Are you planning a trip to Ukraine? Then you must be having numerous questions in your mind related to the language in the country. Some of the most asked questions are-

  • What language can I use in Ukraine?
  • Is Russian detested in Ukraine?
  • What is surzhyk?
  • Which words should I learn before visiting this country?

These are the most searched questions over the internet and in this article you will answers to all these questions. There are some common phrases that you must know before leaving for this country. Read further to know all about the language in Ukraine. 
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Language in Ukraine (Russian or Ukrainian)

As per the Constitution of the country, the official language of the country is Ukrainian. However, a considerable part of the population speaks Russian. The part of the country, which is situated near Russia, prefers speaking Russian. This language is more prominent in the south and east of the country. While Ukrainian is more popular in western part of the country. 
Many tourists think that both Russian and Ukrainian are the same because they sound the same, but in reality both are completely different. All and all, Ukrainians are bilingual and both languages are used in the country. 
Alphabet used in Ukraine

Cyrillic alphabet is used by people of Ukraine. If you are planning a trip to the country for more than a week, then it is highly recommended to learn it. It is very easy to learn and will not take much of your time. Tourists can also use Google Translator for their ease. 
What is Surzhyk?

One of the most important things to know about languages in Ukraine is Surzhyk. People here try to mix both Russian and Ukrainian to create a total mess. And that mixture is known as surzhyk. Russian-Ukrainian surzhyk is very unique. 
Top Ukrainian words

Before visiting the country, you must be feeling nervous because you can’t speak their local language. However, you should not be scared as memorising the main Ukrainian words is not difficult. Here is the list of top words that everyone should know before vistig the country. 

  • Так — /tAk/ — “Yes”

It is purely an Ukrainian word. The more colloquial form of this word is “Da,” which is derived from teh Russian language. 

  • Привіт — /pryvIt/ — “Hi”

It is the most common word, which is used to greet people. It is highly advised to learn this word as iit will help you in many situations. 

  • Бувай — /buvAi/ — “Bye-bye”

This farewell word used in informal situations. Other words that you can use in place of his word include “Pa-Ka” or “Pa-pa.”

  • Ні — /nI/ — “No”

This is the way of saying No in Ukrainian. Another word can be “Nye” (Нє), which is a surzhyk version. 

Most used Ukrainain phrases

Same like Ukrainian words, there are some phrases that you can learn.

  • Як справи? — /yAk sprAvy?/ — “How are you?”

Whenever you don’t know how to start a conversation, go with this phrase. This can be used in both informal and formal situations. 

  • Ви говорите англійською? — /vY hovOryte anhlIys’koyu?/ — “Do you speak English?”

Stuck in situation where you don’t now which Ukrainian word to use? Use this phrase and you will surprised to know how many locals can spak English. 

  • До побачення — /do pobAchen’:a/ — “Good bye”

When its time leave, always say good bye politely with this phrase. This phrase is mostly used in formal meetings. 

So now you know everything about the Ukraianin language. Plan a trip to the country now with Amrican Airlines reservations.