6 complete features of Whatsapp MOD

Recently there is an application called GB WhatsApp which is an application that is modified in such a way from the original version and the cool term is MOD WhatsApp. This GBWhatsApp has several advantages over the original version of Whatsapp.

You can also create two different WhatsApp accounts with this GBWhatsApp application, so you no longer need to buy a smartphone just to have two WhatsApp numbers.

Before starting to explain the features and how to use GBWhatsApp, you should first download via a web browser because the GBWhatsApp application is not in the Play Store.

You just have to search in the google search field «download GBWhatsApp» or «download MOD WhatsApp». And I will also make a tutorial on how to install it in the next article.

whatsapp gb

Explanation of Features and How to Use GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is an application from WhatsApp which has been re-skinned to be more professional and has many interesting features, most of which will be very much needed by users.

The most prominent feature that I really want to discuss is the Privacy feature. This feature is placed in the upper right corner, so below is the full explanation.

Show Online Status

In the usual WhatsApp application, if you want to know that the conversation partner we want to know is whether he is online or offline, we have to open the chat with our conversation partner first, then we know that our conversation partner is online or offline.

Unlike the GBWhatsApp, you can hide your online status so that other users can’t see that you are online.

The method is quite easy, you just click the Privacy menu, then select Show Online Status, after which other users will not know that you are actually online.

Blue Ticks

If you chat with friends, if read by your friends, there will definitely be a blue check mark in your chat. If you want to hide it, the method is quite easy, you just have to go to the Privacy menu and select Blue Ticks. Then other users will think you haven’t read the message it sent but you already know the messages sent by other users.

Second Ticks

Like Blue Ticks, but what distinguishes it is that this feature only displays one tick, so your friends will think you haven’t received the chat, let alone read it. Even though the original chat has been sent and you have read it. The trick is simple, just go to the Privacy menu and select Second Ticks.

Writing Status

Surely you have when you are chatting with your friends on WhatsApp, there must be the words «typing» or «typing» when your friend will send a message for you, now if you activate the Writing Statur feature, other users do not know that you are typing and sending. message him.

Blue Microphone

This feature serves to hide the blue tick when you have read a voice message or voice note from your friend. The trick is to click Privacy then select Blue Microphone, then this feature will automatically activate immediately.

Enable Anti-Revoke

This feature that I like the most is the Enable Anti Revoke feature, this feature is a feature that functions to still be able to see messages that have been deleted by your conversation partner, so whether it’s a typo, expressing love or a code code from girls who sometimes often immediately delete the message it has been resolved with Enable Anti-Revoke.