Conquer the Rinks with your Ice Skating Skills in Boston

Some old and some brand new, these Boston Rinks are open all year round for you to enjoy Ice Skating!

Are you a first-time skater or a pro in ice skating? Glide on one of the best Ice-Skating rinks of Boston and carve your way to perfection.  The outdoor ice skating rinks near Boston are fun and affordable resorts to experience family time together. Just put on your skates and head to these rinks across the greater Boston area. You’ll never miss out on the fun. Refer to our list mentioned below and Conquer these Rinks of Boston with your Ice Skating Skills.

Top Places to polish your Ice Skating skills In Boston

Watch Boston Bruins Train at Warrior Ice Arena

In Brighton’s Boston Landing Area, this vast indoor ice rink is the hub to Boston Bruins. The team trains here, but practice facilities are suitable for public skating of all ages and skill levels. This is a rare opportunity to skate like the hometown ice warriors on the top skating rink. Dates and times vary-bears sometimes need practice space beyond the regular schedule-so check the venue website for the current schedule. Season tickets and group tickets are also available. Clear your schedule and book air travel with Spirit Airlines Reservations to have the most fantastic Ice skating experience ever!

Skate at Kendall Square Community Ice Skating

Cambridge’s premier skating rink has attracted many people to skate again in this uniquely shaped skating rink. The glowing trees outside the ice rink make the skating night more beautiful. This year, the annual holiday ice show will be held on December 14 to watch professional and international skaters’ performances and open the ice rink to the public for free. You can even get hot drinks from the commissary. The community skating rink also offers group meetings and skating courses.

Teach your kids at 401 Park Ice Rink

Fenway’s 401 Park area is booming. With Trillium brewing​​, timeout market, and green space for fitness activities and installation, it will be transformed into a 6,000 square foot skating rink in winter. Discounted tickets for minors, students, and senior citizens, as well as thematic nights, live DJs, skating courses, sports events, and other program schedules, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Try your hand at Skating at Boston Skating Club.

This bowed building next to Soldiers Field Road in Allston is a private figure skating club and a public ice rink for members only. However, public skating time is limited, so you should check before you arrive to ensure that no activity is taking place. Public skating competitions are held throughout the year. The club is the third-ranked veteran club among American figure skating clubs and has a history of more than 100 years.

Have Fun at Kelly Outdoor Ice Rink

This seasonal public outdoor ice skating rink in Jamaica Plain is very suitable for families, so I hope it will be crowded on winter weekends and holidays. One plus cost is skating is free, and skates’ rent is cheap (or bring your own skates to save more). There are classes on Saturday. Skating usually starts in mid-December and lasts until March. However, because it is an outdoor skating rink, the itinerary changes according to nature’s whims.

Skate your way out in Simoni Ice Arena

Simoni Ice Arena is another precious ice rink at Cambridge University. Perhaps this Ice rink is mainly known as a free hockey facility that hosts intramural leagues for youth and adults. Public skating is also possible during specific periods. The ice rink has a branch of the Bay State Skating School, so you can even choose a skating course here to perfect your moves.

Kirrane Rink in Larz Anderson Park for Ice Skating

Brookline’s skating rink will be open to the public from December 1st for you to practice skating and hockey league. Register for a skating course at the Bay State Skating School, sharpen your skates or consider joining the hockey team this season. The one-stop winter event ice rink also has discounts.

Check out Patriot Square Winter Skating

Winter skating at Patriot Plaza at Gillette Stadium provides public skating day and night. The 60 x 140-foot skating rink is large enough to accommodate all floors, and professional ground facilities are always ideal conditions. For non-skating people, there is an observation deck overlooking the ice rink. Although it’s a bit of a trek to get there, Patriot Place offers plenty of shopping and dining options for day trips. Book your American Airlines Reservations flights and have a complete fun experience of skate in Boston.